Studio feder


Studio Feder was founded in 2018 by Sascha Feder, with an ambition to build a sustainable company where the DNA, quite naturally, is aesthetic design. Studio Feder reflects Sascha's personal style, which is simple and clean in a soft and harmonious color universe, and her indispensable eye for quality in design and choice of delicious fabrics. 

The collections include home textiles, such as bedding, pillowcases and tea towels, and a small collection of clothing for adults and children. Studio Feder was GOTS certified in 2019 which means that all cotton products are organic and produced with great social responsibility and the least possible impact on the environment.  

The mission is to make it accessible for more people to choose sustainable design, and in that way influence to buy high-quality products that can be used for a long time or even passed on. All at the same time we have a daily passion to always improve and be conscious in every matter and make our imprint on the planet positive and not harmful in any way.

sascha feder