sascha feder

Sascha Feder has a background as a designer in fashion, home interiors and products for children. For the past 20 years, Sascha has worked both for some of the more established brands in Denmark but also for smaller companies. Over the years, Sascha has been deeply involved in the production of the
designs she has made and to her, sustainability and social responsibility in production have always been part of creating a product. The strong awareness of conditions during production is one of the reasons why it was, and still is, important to Sascha that Studio Feder is a GOTS certified company that takes responsibility.  

Every step counts 

Sascha Feder and her family do not live a 100% sustainable life, but weather
it is daily grocery shopping or buying a piece of furniture, it is always on an
informed basis, and thus a conscious choice is made every time. She believes many people live this way, that they choose some things in their lives that they buy sustainably and that is just fine. It's all a step in the right direction and everything counts. 

Choosing quality has always been part of Sascha's consciousness, even when she was young, she would rather buy one quality t-shirt than 3 for the same price. She found it wildly annoying when a cheap t-shirt became ugly after one wash. A waste of money and resources. Think and act a little more consciously about your choices and shopping habits in your own life.  Be conscious. Small steps in the right direction counts.